Stockly was built during a Lambda School build week and I was a front-end developer on the project. Stockly was built with React and provides users with historical price information and analysis for any publicly traded company.

Digital Wasteland

Digital Wasteland is a take on the early text based multi-user dungeon games. It consists of 100 procedurally generated rooms that the player can traverse while interacting with other players through live chat (and other shenanigans). The project was built for a Lambda School project by a team of four developers. Tech stack includes Django and PostgreSQL on the backend and a React front-end. Pusher was used for the realtime communication and player awareness.

Rest Easy

Rest Easy is an application designed to allow parents to track the sleep of their children. This RESTful API was built with Node/Express, PostgreSQL and Knex.js and deployed to Heroku.

Instagram Clone

An Instagram clone built using React with search, like and comment functionality.

Fylo Landing Page

This project consisted of building a landing page for a fictional company.